Government Contracting Support

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BEC Corporation has extensive experience with the DoD and other Government agencies.  For more than 25 years, we have worked both with, and for, various government agencies to ensure efficient and effective contract execution.  Although our charter is primarily support, BEC has performed a number of contracts as a prime contractor and has a good working relationship with those contracting offices.


Proposal Development Strategies

Technical Proposals

Management Proposals

Cost Proposals

Oral Presentations

Small Business Subcontracting Plan

DLA Mentoring Business Agreements program

Javits-Wagner-O’Day Entity Proposal





First Article Test Plan

First Article Test Report

Contractor Test Plan

Contractor Test Report

Preliminary Draft Equipment Publication (PDEP)

Technical Data Package

2D and 3D CADD details

Integral or separate parts list

Drawing Tree


Provisioning Parts List (036 REPORT)

Engineering Data For Provisioning (EDFP)

Technical Manual

Operator’s Manual

Unit and Direct Support Maintenance Manual

Unit and Direct Support Repair Parts and Special Tools List (RPSTL)

Validation Report

Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC) and Supportability Analysis Summaries

Proposed Spare Parts List (PSPL)

Recent TMs developed by BEC Corporation

TM 10-5430-252-13&P Operator and Field Maintenance Manual for

Tank Assembly, Fabric, Collapsible Petroleum, 210,000 Gallon Capacity

TM 10-8340-240-13&P Operator and Field Maintenance Manual for

Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS)

TM 10-5430-249-13&P Operator and Field Maintenance Manual for

Tank, Fabric, Collapsible Drinking Water 3,000 Gallon Capacity

TM 6110-OI/1 Operator Maintenance Manual for

Mobile Electric Power Distribution Replacement System (MEPDIS-R)

DB230MC-SABTS3-OI Operation Manual for

Automatic Bus Transfer Switch (ABT)


System Safety Hazard Analysis

MANPRINT/Human Factors Engineering

Safety Assessment Report (SAR)

Hazardous Materials Management Plan

Instructional Performance Requirements Document


Design Analysis Technical Report




Maintenance Analysis

Maintenance Analysis Chart (MAC)

Engineering Data for Provisioning

Basic Issue Items (BII)

Expendable Durable Items List (EDIL)

Component of End Item (COEI)

Support Equipment Tools and Test Equipment

Provisioning Parts List

Provisioning and Pre-Screening Data

Packaging and Data Elements

Special Packaging Instructions (SPI)

Safety Assessment Report (SAR)

Army Technical Manual (ATM)




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